A piece of the blogging action

Well I have finally done it, I’ve gotten around to starting a blog. *3 cheers*

I’m very excited to start sharing my thoughts with you!

So, last month I completed a Masters in Digital Marketing Communications at Manchester Metropolitan Business School. Inspired by my course, it totally made sense for me to join the blogging world. And here I am.

Manchester Worker Bee

Manchester worker bee represents Manchester being the rebirth of the industrial revolution

I currently work part time at a digital content marketing agency in Manchester. As part of my role I work on blogger engagement campaigns with a host of clients. This has allowed me to work with some amazing bloggers and I’m keen to get a piece of the blogging action.

I can get lost reading blogs, before I know it I’m 8 pages deep exploring and generally having a great time. It’s a handy way to get things off your chest, make friends with people who you would not normally get the chance to and improve your writing skills. Not to mention, it gives me a chance to see things from a bloggers perspective and learn new things about the industry.

Top reasons to start a blog

I’m not too sure what my blog is going to focus on yet but I am looking forward to sharing with you the things that I’m getting up to and the everyday thoughts I have. Expect to hear about travel, food and lifestyle, though.

Here’s a recent picture of me on a night out with friends. Although, I’ve had my make up done here so I don’t usually look as polished…

Image of Millennial Natalie

Millennial Natalie

I’m keen to make friends in the blogging world so give me a follow and maybe even share some of your tips if you’re feeling extra kind!

You can also contact me or read a bit more about me.

Ciao for now,

Natalie x

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