Millennial’s Monthly Update – September 2017

September was a busy month for me…


I finished my Master’s in Digital Marketing Communications, having submitted my dissertation (woohoo).

Millennial Natalie's MSc Dissertation Hand In

Millennial Natalie’s MSc Dissertation Hand In

There’s some exciting news to follow about this, as my supervisor would like me to present what I did to people in the local digital marketing agency community.

Work social

I went on a work social to Roxy Ballroom in Manchester. It was great fun! Much prefer getting stuck into activities like table tennis, beer pong and pool on a night out than just drinking at the bar. It also ended with a merry trip to a karaoke bar, where we all suitably embarrassed ourselves – which included a spontaneous rendition of Eminem’s Without Me from myself (guilty pleasure).

Roxy Ballroom Manchester

Roxy Ballroom Manchester

An old friend

My oldest friend came back to Manchester from London for the weekend to celebrate her birthday. It was great to catch up with her!

Although, I managed to break my phone screen for the second time in one month, having never broken a phone in my life. I blame the Samsung Galaxy Edge that I bought recently – it’s so slippery and seems to damage very easily.

A trip to Alton Towers

The following Monday I went on a long overdue trip to Alton Towers theme park with my cousin. Although we got stuck in traffic on the way, the weather held out and the queues were minimal. Having grown up together, my cousin and I enjoyed reminiscing about past times at Alton Towers and other theme parks. We also enjoyed a day of cheat food, from a Mc Donald’s breakfast, to chicken wraps, pizza, donuts and a Costa Coffee. I really ought to stop eating out so much. Anyway, we managed to get on all the big rides and still make it home before rush hour, after an obligatory trip to the gift shop of course.

Other things

I bought my outfit ahead of a charity ball I am going to in October, in aid of a close friend of my partner and I who sadly lost his battle with cancer aged just 22. It’s a 1920’s Gatsby theme so should be an interesting event. More to follow on this.

I also booked tickets to Sean Paul for November (cheesy I know). Let’s hope that will live up to expectations.

To close the month, a good friend of mine arranged an evening out in Manchester, where we went bowling and grabbed some food at All Star Lanes, followed by an alcohol fuelled late night at Panacea. Needless to say, the following day was spent feeling sorry for ourselves.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With lots to come I look forward to sharing the goings on of October with you. Let’s hope I can shake this cold off ASAP.

Until next time,

Natalie x

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