Quick tips to avoid catching a cold

It’s that time of year where everyone seems to catch a cold.

It’s so frustrating! When you’re just trying to get on with your day but you constantly have to blow your nose, you have no energy and you can’t breathe properly when trying to sleep.

I rarely get ill, so when I do it really bothers me. I try to take steps to avoid picking up the latest bugs going around and as they’re usually successful, I thought I would share them:

  • I start the day off with a drink of Effervescent Vitamin C that I buy from Tesco. It’s actually quite tasty and helps to boost your immune system. Make sure you get the one that includes Zinc for the best support.
  • Then I make sure I drink plenty of water to help flush the kidneys of toxins.
  • I also like to carry a bottle of hand sanitiser. It’s a good idea to sanitise your hands after handling communal things like train handles and things in the kitchen of the workplace. You can also use it after shaking someone’s hand. I use the Carex Moisture Plus Hand Gel, it’s portable and stops your hands from getting dry in winter months.
  • If you feel a cold coming on, sleeping with the window ajar helps keep fresh air circulating in the room.
  • Each night I try and make sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep, as if you are tired your body can’t fight as hard.

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I also pay to get the flu jab. I’ve heard that if you get the flu jab every year you pick up colds less and less over time.

Other than that eating your 5 a day fruit and vege and exercising regularly helps to keep your body fighting fit.

Do you have any tips for avoiding catching a cold?

Natalie x

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