Deciding where to go for your next holiday

For anyone who is on a budget and limited to the number of holidays they can take, it can be tricky to decide where to go next.

Personally, I try to visit places I have never been before even though I do enjoy re-visiting places where I’ve made special memories. I hope one day to go back to Rhodes where my partner and I first went on holiday together back in 2010. Yet, we have decided that we want to see as much of the world as we can. This is part of the reason we went on our first skiing holiday this year. It was great to try something new and helped inspire us to try new things and visit new places.

Millennial Natalie and Ady Skiing in La Plagne

Millennial Natalie and Ady Skiing 1

In fact, there is a story to tell about how we ended up going to Rhodes. We were joking around with a brochure and said whichever place we land on that’s where we’ll go on our first holiday together. So, Rhodes it was!

It’s good to be spontaneous sometimes but it’s probably not a destination choosing exercise we would use in the future. Although it paid off that time, I’m thinking it was a lucky stab in the dark.

Millennial Natalie and Ady in Rhodes

Millennial Natalie and Ady in Rhodes

So for our next holiday I’m planning on using some of the following techniques to find the perfect destination:

  • Check out where the best festivals or parties will be around the globe at the time you’re planning on going away. It’s a great way to absorb the local culture. Although, make sure you book in advance for this!
  • Speak to a few experienced travel reps. There’s nothing like receiving word of mouth recommendations from someone who has been there and done it. We did this when we went to Kusadasi in Turkey. The travel rep gave us lots of amazing tips about where to go in a place that isn’t rife with tourists.
  • There are plenty of quizzes out there you can take which consider your personal budget, style of holiday preferred, and the weather conditions you would like. For example, there is a quiz by My Voucher Codes to find the perfect holiday. Zig Zag on Earth has written a review of some of these tools if you wanted to check it out.
  • Take a look at travel social media pages. There are literally thousands of keen travellers online who enjoy sharing their travel experiences and giving tips about where to go.
  • Listen to what family and friends have to say. They know you and have a good idea about what you would like from a holiday, so why not seek their input? My partner’s auntie and uncle used to be travel reps and they are amazing at giving advice about where to go.

Let me know how you choose your holiday destinations!

Natalie x

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3 thoughts on “Deciding where to go for your next holiday

  1. I choose my holiday destinations based on many factors. First, I’ll pick a few countries that I’ve always wanted to go to (I have an endless list at the top of my head). I also get inspired by magazines, posts I read online and travellers I talk to along the way. Then, I research seasons in the destinations I’ve picked, which usually eliminates a couple of places. And lastly, I then read up on all remaining destinations and choose whichever feels the best.
    And sometimes, I just choose very randomly and spontaneously because I feel like it.
    So what destinations are you thinking about for your next trip?


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